Once upon a time in the cold and icy land of Antarctica, there lived a penguin named Pat. Pat was a curious little penguin who loved to explore and learn about the world around him. One day, Pat stumbled upon a group of penguins who were breaking the rules by littering the ice with trash.

Feeling it was his duty to do something, Pat decided to report the incident to the penguin police. The penguin police were a group of penguins who were responsible for enforcing the laws and keeping the peace in Antarctica.

Pat nervously approached the penguin police station and spoke to the chief. He explained the situation and the chief listened carefully. After Pat had finished, the chief thanked him for bringing the issue to their attention and assured him that they would take care of it.

The next day, Pat saw the penguin police in action. They had caught the group of penguins who were littering and were now making them clean up their mess. Pat felt proud of himself for doing the right thing and knew that he had helped keep Antarctica a clean and safe place for all the penguins to live.

From that day on, Pat felt inspired to continue doing his part in keeping the community safe and clean. He even decided to become a penguin police volunteer and helped out whenever he could. Pat became known as the “Eco-penguin” among his friends, and they all admired him for his dedication and civic spirit.

The end.

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