Nationality Brazilian

Absolutely everyone who pursues a dream learns quite a few lessons along the way. Some relate to accomplishment, disillusion, pleasure, romance and sacrifice — others to the particular project at hand. But have you ever thought about what exactly would happen if you could learn those lessons earlier in your life?

This learning possibility is what this young/ adventure fiction book- Nationality Brazilian is all about. Being able to imagine someone who pursued a dream they found meaningful, relishing the experiences they had, their adventures becomes your own adventure.

Chapter 1

“Ill drive. I’m more used to driving in this part of Rio,” said Andrea, running to the driver’s seat.

“What do you think you are doing?” asked her mom.

“I will take this short cut,” Andrea replied.

“Andrea, you cannot go this way!!” her mom screamed.

“Mom, what I cannot do is miss my plane.”

“You are going to kill us all! Just be careful, or you won’t make it to the airport alive! Look in front! You just ran a red light,” screeched her mom.

“Doesn’t really matter; I am leaving the country. The police can have my driver’s license if they want it.” Andrea parked the car abruptly, it was only then that they realized that they were all at the airport. They all ran towards the check-in area.

Right on the pathway that leads to the check-in, some of Andrea’s friends were already waiting for her. “Hi, Andrea, you should have checked in by now. The plane is leaving in forty-five min-utes. Go to the check-in. I’lI help you; give me your luggage,” said one of her friends Andrea had no choice than to run.

She got her luggage checked in and ran to say good-bye to family and friends.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry about me. I will be fine. I will have Lisa picking me up at the airport in London,” said Andrea.

“Just call us when you get there. You know that your mother will not sleep,” instructed her father.

“I will, I will,” said Andrea.

“Tell Lisa to come visit us,” added her father.

“You have to run. They are going to close the gate, and you still have to go through security,” said her friend.

“Bye, see you soon,” Andrea finally said, as she ran towards security.


It was the perfect time for Andrea Louise dos Santos, a twenty-three-year-old Brazilian, to go for her dreams. She had finished university and had no job, no boyfriend, no money just the old dream of travelling all of the most amazing places that she always dreamed.

She had only 500 pounds and a return plane ticket she had no intention of using. Andrea left everything behind. She got on the plane, and for a moment started to doubt the whole thing, asking herself, What am I doing?

Andrea began thinking about her life in Brazil. I have everything, a family who love me dearly, wonderful friends, and an offer to work for the best magazine in Rio. What more could I possibly want out of life? her thoughts began to torment her. She decided to put the thoughts aside. She knew that it was the right time. If she stayed longer, she would get into an everyday routine and not accomplish her dream to travel and see the world. Deep down, she knew that it was about the only thing in her entire life, that she was passionate about.

Overview & Preview

29 Chapters

238 Pages

As you read about Andrea Louise dos Santos’ journey into a new world of culture, adventure and love. As well as how she sets off on a trip of a lifetime, having just a fake hotel booking in Paris, credit card with no money, and a heart full of hope.

Her dreams of adventure are realized in ways that she could never have imagined. You’ll no doubt be thrilled as you imagine yourself in the same scenarios and ad-ventures.

“It is a great honor for me to be part of this wonderful project (Nationality Brazilian) and I am very proud and grateful to be included ... I think there is something in there to appeal to everyone, and I hope that many people from all walks of life will enjoy and be inspired by it and enjoy reading it as much as I have.”

Fiona Oakes

Triple Guinness World Record Holder,

Vegan Ultra Athlete promoting cruelty free lifestyle

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